We offer the planning of all HVAC-Trades, including the associated measuring and control technology and sophisticated energy supply in building construction:

  • HVAC planning (all phases according to HOAI)
  • Energy consulting and energy concepts
  • Equipment of high-rise buildings
  • Equipment for commercial sites and clinics
  • Solar heating and cooling
  • Heat pumps with geothermal probes, air-water, surface collectors, sorption cooling systems
  • Building-wide resource management – use of existing plants and energy technology, inclusion of waste heat sources, use of public energy systems, integration of existing infrastructure

The planning services are created using the most modern CAE-Software. Energetic and hydraulic simulations belong to the regular standard.
Projects can be handled with the BIM-Standard.
The constructive designs are made in 3D CAD with more than 20 years of expertise.

Ventury GmbH provides a site-specific project team with experienced experts from all the individual trades. The team is complemented by project coordination and management with a gerneralistic know-how.