In its day-to-day practice, Ventury GmbH endeavors to realize the planning and plant construction services according to the latest state of the art. This often results in technological limits which can not yet be solved with commercially available systems. The long-term experience and the existing know-how of the employees are not only used for customer-specific optimization solutions. Likewise, possible further developments in the technological approaches or constructive systems are operated.

The existing and planned projects have been and are always carried out in cooperation with well-known research institutes and universities – a very productive work process for all participants (FHG, DBFZ, GMBU, OUT, IKEM, TUD, ICVT, HSA).

Completed projects were supported by the funding of the project sponsors PtJ, AiF, FNR with research funding from BMWi, BMBF, BMfL.

This includes work on application solutions in bioenergy and biotechnology:

  • Substrate conditioning and hydrolysis with thermal pressure-exchange conditioning for heavy-fiber raw and residual fractions from agriculture, municipalities and industry to increase energy yield
  • Extraction of pure lignin using thermal pressure-exchange conditioning from renewable fibers
  • Rotten substrate preparation and process water management as a sustainable basis for the further establishment of commercial biogas plants
  • Process for the treatment of raw biogas for improving quality and efficiency in energetic utilization
  • Development and testing of a self-mixing small sized fermenter without conventional stirring technology in a cost-effective silo design
  • Fouling-free photobioreactors for the cultivation of various phytoplankton species
  • Multi-site cultivation system for the screening of product induction in phytoplankton species with infinitely variable 9-color LED spotlights

In addition to the continuation of the work in bio-biotechnology, new projects are planned for thermal and electrical energy technology:

  • Cultivation of enriched living food for fish and poultry farming based on product-induced algae biomass
  • Innovative supply of heat sinks with low-caloric waste heat sources and matrix control for heating network management
  • Matrix control for the power supply management in redox flow batteries

The following topics are currently under discussion:

  • Thermomechanical substrate conditioning for the production of pure lignin
  • Thermodynamic optimization of combustion equipment (order development)
  • Power-coupled switching and control system for redox flow batteries
  • Control systems and heat pumps for meshed low-ex-heating systems with multivalent supply
  • Cultivation apparatus for product induction in microorganisms