The range of planning services includes the complete chain from production to distribution to the final supply of each individual consumer.
Ventury GmbH ensures sustainable energetic solutions by carefully analyzing the locations and the detailed cost-effectiveness of the numerous technical supply variants.

All types of production and supply variants for standard and special systems can be handled with state of the art engineering:

  • Boiler: Gas, oil, solid, condensing
  • Combined heat and power plants
  • Process steam generation
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Compression and sorption chilling machines
  • Storage systems (short-term to seasonal)

For distribution, internal building distribution networks are conducted up to the district heating and cooling network. Detailed knowledge about the process technology for energetic and process engineering form the basis for these tasks.
In order to determine real concurrences and to minimize the system expenditure and costs, detailed operation simulations of the differentiated consumer behaviors in the network are carried out:

  • Quick dimensioning for the planning/discussion of local and district heating terraces for an early and efficient presentation of the scope of planning
  • Simulation of the complete, hourly detailed yearly cycle
  • Performance auditing and elaboration of detailed solutions according to customer requirements as well as meshed networks
  • Customized solutions and special constructions: concrete structures / container solutions / outdoor installations
  • 3D planning and complete component list preparation / BIM – Standard possible

Planning of local and district heating networks according to AGFW (German energy efficiency association for heat, cold and combined heat and power):

  • Route metrics with or without field maps
  • Quick dimensioning as a planning basis and for presentation purposes
  • Use of professional software: network hydraulic calculations– Bentley sisHYD, pipe calculations– GEF sisKMR, route and execution planning with Autodesk Autocad
  • Creation of databased route sections for collision checks with other divisions
  • Manufacturer-independent planning