Planning for the electrical equipment of buildings, equipment and plants from production to each individual unit of use.

Residential buildings, office buildings, use-specific building types (hotels, schools, hospitals), commercial buildings or facilities and industrial supplies can be planned.

Electrical sections:

  • Transformers, medium and low voltage systems
  • Emergency power systems, UPS systems
  • Power rail systems
  • PV plants and CHP plants (cogeneration plants)
  • Lightning protection and overvoltage protection
  • Alarm and hazard warning systems according to DIN VDE 0833-2 (fire detection according to DIN 14675 and intruder alarm systems), video surveillance
  • lighting planning (inside and outside), safety lighting systems according to DIN VDE 0108, DIN 1838

Measurement and Control Technology sections:

  • PLC controls
  • Visualization and remote maintenance, data recording and evaluation
  • Building control systems
  • Building management
  • Bus technology (KNX systems, EIB, DALI, …)