We offer the technical connection of technologies from processing and utilization of organic substances as well as the production and efficient utilization of regenerative energy sources like biogas and bioethanol

More than 20 years of experience in planning and construction of biogas plants in the agriculture an industrial sector ensure:

  • Site-specific optimized plant systems with regard to material and energetic processing, local and structural condistions as well as economic efficiency
  • Standard concepts
  • Consultancy and support in the field of plant retrofitting, modernization or problems with existing plant engineering (adapted designs and production with our partner companies)
  • Powerful control systems (Leistungsfähigen Steuerungsanlagen (also subsequent installed) guarantee maximum energy yield and economic return
  • Supply of plant parts for material processing (thermos-pressure hydrolysis, hydraulically mixed biogas reactor, rotten substrate postprocessing with evaporation and drying, stripping for the production of ammonia water, process water recovery, etc.)
  • Highly efficient system technology for energy utilization and supply of the own system and external users (cogeneration of heat and power with production of high temperature waste heat above 100 °C, combined heat, power and cooling, gas cleaning and feeding)
  • Detailed knowledge of the process technology for the plant dimensioning
  • Long-term constructive experience in plant layout planning in 3D CAD